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We need your help…….

Where possible we have tried our best to find the most up to date info that may benefit those who may need to access free food and services that may assist… Surprisingly or perhaps not so surprisingly It is rather tricky to obtain this information as most officialdom and ‘homeless industry’ websites are rather out of date…

With that in mind we have created this grassroots space in order to create once and for all a central resource where anyone who is hungry, needing some info or anything that might help their situation can access….

Please share any useful info wherever its needed.

We will continually be updating and adding to the information here we have presently and we need your help..

We also create and support Street Kitchens and Solidarity Centres wherever & whenever we can.

It’s not rocket science, it just takes the right will and a few people to get organised wherever there is a need and just do it!

We are also attempting to list ALL the available Winter Shelters across the UK and Ireland urgently

Winter Shelters

If you are involved with or know of any food/soup runs or want to get involved in any way please mail: 


Where, When, Services offered etc…

We need a one stop website with all the info that folk need in one place…
Feeding hunger…

Working in partnership with many grass-root groups across the UK and beyond..
Please Share.. 

Some videos of our work on the streets


World Homeless (Action) Day 10th October

Just wanted to say thank you for your website. I just found Coffee4Craig on your website and it is exactly what I was looking for.



Video from London: March for the Homeless that Streets Kitchen organised 15-4-15

march homeless

This is the grim reality of living on our streets.. It really doesn’t have to be like this.. Help us do something…


When James O’Brien was speaking about foodbanks, Mike called LBC to say that he was living on just a tin of spaghetti a day since being made redundant…..


Published on 21 Nov 2014

Russell Brand Trews Reports (E6)
Protest outside the US Embassy in London in solidarity with Arnold Abbott, the 90-year-old man in Florida arrested for feeding homeless people.
More info here:
Report by John Rogers

Channel 4 news: 06 APRIL 2014: 

Fifteen million tonnes of food waste in UK is ‘repugnant



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