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Shelter: Two families in London are made homeless EVERY hour.

london homeless

Two families in London are made homeless every hour, a leading homeless charity claimed today.   Homeless: London families are at risk of losing their homes AP   Shelter predicted that 1,260 families in the capital will lose their home in the next month and 7,370 over the next six months – the equivalent of a household […]

Westminster Council to move homeless people out of London.

Homeless people will be shifted from the borough and relocated to places elsewhere in the UK – likely the home counties – from January 30. The Council is moving homeless people out of London to combat the high cost of temporary housing.   The council has argued it will enable people to “put down local roots”, despite many of them […]

Death toll over 60 as freezing conditions cause death and chaos across Europe

No more deaths on our streets

Heavy snowfalls from Poland to Turkey cause dozens of deaths, many of them among homeless people and migrants with heavy snow predicted for the UK Freezing temperatures across Europe have caused  deaths and major disruption to power, water supplies and transport networks in recent days. Temperatures as low as -26C (-15F) caused ice to form […]

Homeless activists ‘seize’ Leicester’s oldest Medieval house


Squatters say they have seized Leicester’s oldest surviving house as part of a protest against homelessness. A notice on the railings outside the historic building . A handful of members of an organisation called the Leicester Homelessness Party have been camped on Jubilee Square in the city centre since before Christmas. Now they say they […]

Paris police ‘threatening lives of homeless migrants by stealing blankets’ as temperatures drop to freezing


Police in Paris are threatening the lives of homeless refugees by stealing their blankets as temperatures drop to freezing, a leading international aid agency claimed.   Migrants stand near police as they wait to board a bus on the Avenue de Flandre during an evacuation of a makeshift camp in Paris (Photo: Getty Images)   […]

Half a million older people spend every day alone.


Half a million people over the age of 60 usually spend each day alone, with no interaction with others, and nearly half a million more commonly do not see or speak to anyone for five or six days a week, a poll suggests. Almost half a million older people only have contact with others one […]

Vulnerable UK women choosing prison over life on the outside


Many women are breaching parole because they fear abusive partners or have unmet mental health needs, charities say Charities working with women released from prison say that some are breaching their parole conditions or committing further crimes so that they will be returned to jail – because their lives on the outside are so bleak. […]

Domestic abuse is the single most common cause of homelessness in Liverpool

Homeless boxing day 2017

One in four of Liverpool’s homeless have nowhere to live because they are victims of domestic abuse. According to a council-led review of homelessness in Liverpool some 12,000 domestic abuse-related calls are made each year and the numbers are rising. Domestic abuse is six times the national average in North Liverpool and around double the […]

Scottish homelessness hunger striker finally eats after MPs agree to talk following Parliament protest


Alasdair Codona was starving himself to death outside the Scottish Parliament but finally ate today after the housing minister vowed to introduce a “statutory right” for people to declare themselves homeless. Alasdair enjoys a meal in hospital after his 24-day protest (Photo: Daily Record) A musician has ended a 24-day hunger strike after Government ministers […]

NHS launches drive to help homeless after patients wrongly turned away from surgeries

nhs homeless

The NHS is launching a drive to improve access for homeless people to healthcare, after admitting some staff were wrongly turning them away from seeing GPs. A lot of surgeries have been wrongly stopping homeless people registering at GPs surgeries because they have no proof of address or ID, even though NHS guidelines are the […]