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Why it’s time to demolish Buckingham Palace. Space for 8,000 new homes, most of them affordable.

This development wouldn’t need to be all luxury flats with a few token affordable homes thrown in.   Councillor 1: They say it’s going to cost £369m to repair and bring up to modern standards. Councillor 2: £369m? Lambeth balked at paying just £14m to repair Cressingham Gardens. They said they’d rather knock it down […]

Body of ‘homeless man’ Dave pulled from Leeds-Liverpool canal

“Not a beggar or freeloader. A man, our friend. RIP Dave xx” The body of a homeless man, was discovered in the Leeds-Liverpool canal in the Vauxhall area. A tribute laid on a doorstep in Lord Street where a homeless man used to sleep, after a body was pulled from the Leeds-Liverpool canal ‘ Reports […]

Homeless man ‘bottled in the head’ and homeless woman ‘booted and robbed’ by gang of thugs

A GANG of men assaulted two homeless people in unprovoked town centre attacks. A rough sleeper, aged in his forties, was rushed to Southend Hospital for treatment after being hit over the head in Warrior Square, Southend. It is believed a glass bottle was used in the attack. Minutes later a homeless woman, aged in […]

Squatters ejected from oligarch’s £15m mansion move into new base yards away

A group of squatters who were evicted from a mansion in Eaton Square have taken over another building worth millions of pounds just hours after being moved. Activists from the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians were thrown out roughly of the five-storey, Grade II-listed building after a two-and-a-half-hour standoff with bailiffs. They have now settled into […]

Anger as security guard ‘BINS homeless couple’s sleeping bags and belongings’ outside M&S

A former charity worker has branded a security guard “disgusting” after he claims he caught him throwing away a homeless couple’s sleeping bags outside M&S. The 26-year-old says the rough sleepers had gone to the toilet in a nearby Burger King (Photo: Facebook/Wez James) A former charity worker has branded a security guard “disgusting” after […]

Shelter: Two families in London are made homeless EVERY hour.

Two families in London are made homeless every hour, a leading homeless charity claimed today.   Homeless: London families are at risk of losing their homes AP   Shelter predicted that 1,260 families in the capital will lose their home in the next month and 7,370 over the next six months – the equivalent of a household […]

Westminster Council to move homeless people out of London.

Homeless people will be shifted from the borough and relocated to places elsewhere in the UK – likely the home counties – from January 30. The Council is moving homeless people out of London to combat the high cost of temporary housing.   The council has argued it will enable people to “put down local roots”, despite many of them […]

Death toll over 60 as freezing conditions cause death and chaos across Europe

Heavy snowfalls from Poland to Turkey cause dozens of deaths, many of them among homeless people and migrants with heavy snow predicted for the UK Freezing temperatures across Europe have caused  deaths and major disruption to power, water supplies and transport networks in recent days. Temperatures as low as -26C (-15F) caused ice to form […]

Homeless activists ‘seize’ Leicester’s oldest Medieval house

Squatters say they have seized Leicester’s oldest surviving house as part of a protest against homelessness. A notice on the railings outside the historic building . A handful of members of an organisation called the Leicester Homelessness Party have been camped on Jubilee Square in the city centre since before Christmas. Now they say they […]

Paris police ‘threatening lives of homeless migrants by stealing blankets’ as temperatures drop to freezing

Police in Paris are threatening the lives of homeless refugees by stealing their blankets as temperatures drop to freezing, a leading international aid agency claimed.   Migrants stand near police as they wait to board a bus on the Avenue de Flandre during an evacuation of a makeshift camp in Paris (Photo: Getty Images)   […]