This project will highlight the conditions that many homeless people have to bed down in…

Primarily will be an ongoing awareness raising project using our website and social media leading to  ‘real-world’ exhibitions.

We need your involvement and assistance!


London N1 Sunday 8th March

  • We encourage people to take photographs of #EmptyBeds, spaces where homeless people bed down, in order to highlight the inhumane conditions that exist on our streets.
  • Please give us a rough idea where the #emptybed is located but do not make it too identifiable as more than likely whomever sleeps there will be harassed and moved on.
  • Do not take pictures whilst someone is using the space.
  • Ask permissions where possible.
  • Respect peoples space and wishes.
  • Use the hashtag #EmptyBeds on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Email pictures to streetskitchen@gmail.com or tweet @streetskitchen.



 Central London


#EmptyBeds on Facebook