#MarchWithTheHomeless 15-4-16

This will be a  protest/rally with a carnival atmosphere in Central London, gathering near Downing Street for 6pm, over the treatment of homeless people in the UK/Ireland and beyond.. 
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Amongst the many actions planned across London on the day being held by various housing/homeless groups there will be a central meeting point gathering at Whitehall at 6 p.m. 15-4-15…
We also will be holding a Homeless Voter registration drive i n association with Unite the Union from 4pm to give disenfranchised people an opportunity  to use their voice if they so wish via the electoral system…
This is a new growing solidarity protest/action that will be held in many Cities and towns across the World on the same day by activists and groups concerned with our streets on 15th April….
We encourage people to stand in solidarity with our streets as well bring along items that may be of use to those who find themselves homeless or in need to our Streets Kitchen, where a number of groups will also be serving food and distributing essential items to our homeless communities from 6 pm… 
There will be speakers from groups directly involved in the fight against homelessness as well as those homeless… Live entertainment… Samba bands…. Spoken Word… #EmptyBeds exhibition… much more to be announced…
Most importantly we need you…. Spread the word….. Make noise… Bring banners…   Make your voice heard!!


Many of those calling this action are involved on a daily basis with our streets and we encourage people to support these grassroots groups by getting involved in their ongoing attempts to assist those in need. We aim  to build and hold the biggest homeless protest and gathering held in London whilst increasing our vital street support networks….
For example we have had spikes put in where homeless people take shelter in London. The police and local councils have removed sleeping gear and food donated by public in order to discourage homelessness and rough sleeping in London. In a number of boroughs it is now even illegal to commit the heinous crime of rough sleeping under Operation Encompass enforced by the MET Police and various local councils.
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People need support from society not being kicked when they are down. They are being killed by the cold and indifference, and are running out of places to turn to as austerity hits services they use….
We will come together to say enough is enough…There is no reason in this society for people not to be able access adequate housing, food or good health other than a lack of political will and sufficient funding.
no more deaths on our streets
We call  on all individuals and groups to support our homeless communities wherever they may be, however they can….

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