#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets END AUSTERITY NOW National Demo 20th June

There will be a major massive national demonstration in Central London on the 20th June to tell the new Tory government: END AUSTERITY NOW called by the Peoples Assembly.

We will have a #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets bloc on the day to say loudly once again enough is enough. Although we are aligned to no political organisations we will avail of any positive opportunity to assist and make our streets heard any way we can…

No more deaths on our streets

Assemble: 12pm, Saturday 20 June 
Bank of England (Queen Victoria Street) 
London (Tube: Bank)

Many of those calling this action are involved on a daily basis with our streets and housing campaigns and we encourage people to support these grassroots groups by getting involved in their ongoing attempts to assist those in need. We aim  to build and have the biggest homeless and housing groups presence and gathering held in London whilst increasing our vital street support networks….
For example we have had spikes put in where homeless people take shelter in London. The police and local councils have removed sleeping gear and food donated by public in order to discourage homelessness and rough sleeping in London. In a number of boroughs it is now even illegal to commit the heinous crime of rough sleeping under Operation Encompass enforced by the MET Police and various local councils. Over 50 thousand families have been shipped outside of London due to councils selling council property to private developers. There are at least ten empty homes for every homeless family in the UK….

From the main Peoples Assembly event page:

“With the Tories going it alone in government we know exactly what to expect. More nasty, destructive cuts to the things ordinary people care about- the NHS, the welfare state, education and public services.

We’ll be assembling the demonstration in the heart of the City of London right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place, the banks and their friends in Westminster. We demand that the bankers and elite should pay for the crisis and not the vast majority who had nothing to do with it.

Now is the time to get organizing, to mobilize our communities, to prepare transport and spread the word. We need to do all that we can to make this demonstration bigger and bolder than ever we have done before”

Film and television director Ken Loach attends the march and rally. pic: Heather Blockey

This time we will be be bigger & louder & we need YOU!
Please also bring items that will be of use for our homeless community…
We wont just march… We wont just talk about it…
Anyway we can…

#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets protest 15-4-15  with many enjoying  food provided by Food For All. Pic: Heather Blockey

Please invite ALL your friends..
Join us!

Our Facebook event page for the day

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