PLEASE WATCH: The ‘Artist Taxi Driver’ meets ‘Streets Kitchen’ #SolidarityNotCharity

 We were joined on another amazing evening on one of our many Streets Kitchens across the UK in Camden & Kings Cross by Mark McGowan AKA Artist Taxi Driver..

The videos speak for themselves of our work and what we all can do assist those in need wherever they may be.

Please get in contact with us if you want to get involved in anyway across the UK and beyond.

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Streets Kitchen #SolidarityNotCharity


Our Streets Kitchen in Camden was again busy as usual with an amazing atmosphere with over 100 meals, drinks clothes and other essential items distributed. Our crew also connected with over 60 people in Kings Cross during the evening too.

We were dismayed to learn though that the night before a lot of our friends had their Sleeping bags and sleeping equipment ‘confiscated’ by the Police.

Thankfully we were able to provide plenty of sleeping bags and blankets although this leaves us very short of such items…


Join us on April 15th where we will #MarchWithTheHomeless in many cities in the UK and Ireland

Details below

Streets Kitchen works in partnership with many grass-root groups across the UK and beyond..

We receive no funding and rely on your support to continue to develop Street Kitchens across the UK and provide vital information for our streets.


 If you want to get involved in any way please mail

March with the Homeless April 15

streets kitchen

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