UK family found guilty of enslaving homeless and disabled people

Lincolnshire gang forced at least 18 victims to work for little or no pay and live in squalor for up to 26 years  Convicted gang members (top row, L-R): Bridget Rooney, Gerald Rooney, John Rooney, 53, John Rooney, 31, Lawrence Rooney, Martin Rooney, 35,(bottom row, L-R): Martin Rooney Sr, Martin Rooney, 23 Patrick Rooney, 54, […]

Homeless people in Oxford threatened with £2,500 fines

City council under fire after legal notices pinned to rough sleepers’ bags left in shop doorways  The rough sleepers’ belongings were having a detrimental effect on other people’s quality of life, the council notices said. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Homeless people putting their possessions in shop doorways in Oxford have been threatened with fines of up to £2,500. […]

Bailiffs clear homelessness protesters camp from Leicester Town Hall Square

Homelessness protesters living at a camp outside Leicester’s town hall for three weeks were evicted this morning. Seven enforcement agents from the Sheriff’s Office, acting on behalf of the county court, moved in to remove the tents at 7.30am. The protesters, led by homelessness campaigner James McLean, have vowed to set up another camp elsewhere […]

Almost 3000 charged with stealing food in London as expert warns ‘hungry people are criminalised’

  The majority of cases pertain to the hungry and homeless taking waste food from supermarket bins.   More than 2,800 people in London were charged with stealing food in London last year.  Thousands of people were charged with stealing food in London last year in what a food bank expert has warned is a “criminalisation […]

Housing is a women’s issue: The facts

The UK housing crisis has hit women harder than men, as they earn less money and cuts have hit homeless and domestic abuse services Charities working with rough sleepers say women are more likely to be ‘hidden homeless’. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo‘ No matter where you live, or how you pay for your home, from […]

NHS cuts blamed for 30,000 deaths in new study

An unprecedented increase in “excess deaths” in England and Wales could be linked to underfunding in the NHS and social care system, new research suggests. “Relentless cuts” to the health service could be behind 30,000 deaths in 2015, argued researchers in two articles published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. The Government […]

Statistics watchdog warns government over misleading homelessness figures

The government’s official statistics body has told the Department for Communities and Local Government to stop using potentially misleading figures for homelessness, and said it would monitor its future statements on the issue.   The intervention by the UK Statistics Authority came after the DCLG claimed in a series of press briefings late last year […]

Scottish homelessness hunger striker finally eats after MPs agree to talk following Parliament protest

Alasdair Codona was starving himself to death outside the Scottish Parliament but finally ate today after the housing minister vowed to introduce a “statutory right” for people to declare themselves homeless. Alasdair enjoys a meal in hospital after his 24-day protest (Photo: Daily Record) A musician has ended a 24-day hunger strike after Government ministers […]

#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets: Homelessness Party protesters pitch tents in Leicester’s Jubilee Square

Protesters have pitched tents in Leicester’s Jubilee Square to raise awareness of rough sleepers dying in streets across the UK. The protesters, calling themselves The Homelessness Party, have pitched three tents, along with Christmas decorations, on the square in the shadow of the big wheel ride. They say they have created a ‘safe space’ for […]

Crisis At Christmas Details 23-29 December

This is vital information to share with those in need over Christmas. Crisis centres will be open across the UK from the 23 December to 29th December in 2016. Please share this information widely This can save someones life Crisis Christmas day centres are safe, warm and lively places run by caring and friendly volunteers. […]