Mhairi Black: “Ask why does TV attack benefit claimants – but not tax evasion?”

IT seems like every mainstream television channel these days has indulged in “poverty porn”, where they produce programmes focusing on those who rely on benefits. Usually, but not always, the focus of such programmes is on those who are abusing the benefits system. This is actually a change from the original definition of poverty porn. […]

Why is Children In Need sitting on a £90million fortune?

BBC Children in Need has kept £87.7million stashed away in its investment portfolio instead of giving it directly to charity, its latest accounts reveal.The charity, which has raised more than £600million for youngsters in the UK since 1980, is preparing to launch a fresh appeal to viewers next month.But some donors may be surprised to […]

BBC appeal to ‘find veterans to help’ with new homes being built for them in Manchester.

  Nick Knowles and the BBC TV show ‘DIY SOS’ team are searching for army veterans in need of homes to live in a new community being built in North Manchester. The BBC makeover team is transforming an entire street in Newton Heath into a community for ex-servicemen and women to live in.     Producers are […]

Thousands protest against BBC’s latest Poverty Porn TV show

More than 15,000 people have called for the BBC to scrap a “Hunger Games style” TV show accused of exploiting low-paid workers for entertainment. Britain’s Hardest Grafter will see unemployed people and those on low wages competing to be crowned the hardest worker – and given a £15,000 cash prize. Angry BBC viewers have reacted […]