Brighton Centre to be used as homeless night shelter this winter

The Brighton Centre is to open its doors to the homeless this winter as part of a council scheme to use empty buildings to house rough sleepers. A large room in the council-owned building is currently being prepared to be used a shelter for up to 30 people. It’s currently due to open on 10 […]

Five coffins carried through Brighton city centre to highlight homeless deaths

FIVE coffins were paraded through Brighton city centre as protesters marched calling for more action to tackle rising homelessness in Sussex. The five coffins were used to represent the number of homeless people who have died on the streets of Brighton in recent months. In hail and rain, a few hundred people joined the march […]

Brighton: Doctors create not-for-profit company to save homeless surgery

A TEAM of doctors who help the homeless have set up a not-for-profit company in the hope of saving a surgery. The Practice Group announced last December that it was ending its agreement with the NHS to run the Brighton Homeless Healthcare Centre in Morley Street. The company, which also operates four other surgeries in […]

Brighton: Homeless Man arrested by undercover cops begging for 10p has case thrown out of court by angry Judge

A HOMELESS man arrested for begging for just ten pence has had his case thrown out of court after a judge said it was not “in the interests of justice”. Ashley Hackett District Judge Teresa Szagun agreed with prosecutors who had initially brought the case but changed their position claiming that begging had become “particularly […]

Undercover police targeting beggars: Homeless man brought to court after asking for 10p

 UNDERCOVER police are being sent out to catch homeless people begging with more than one arrested every week in Brighton. Rough sleepers are being criminalised by Sussex Police operations to arrest and prosecute those living on the streets and desperate for small change. More than one person a week is arrested for begging in Brighton and Hove […]

Brighton: Call for action to protect rough sleepers after three deaths over festive period

CAMPAIGNERS are calling for action to protect rough sleepers after three deaths over the festive period. Popular figure Gareth who sold Big Issues outside Western Road Waitrose in Brighton On Sunday, a man called Casey – known as Taffy One Pence and Kevin – died on the street after a suspected legal high overdose. Lesley […]

Child homelessness in Brighton and Hove four times higher than 2010

The number of children living in temporary accommodation in Brighton and Hove has increased by almost 300% since 2010. Cuts in benefits such as the bedroom tax, coupled with a decrease in the availability of longer-term “temporary accommodation” leases means the service is coming under renewed pressure.The dramatic rise, significantly above the national average, is […]