Charities at odds over deportations of homeless eastern Europeans.

Two of Britain’s best known homelessness charities are at odds over the government rounding up and deporting rough sleepers from eastern Europe. Crisis, which is famed for its support for rough sleepers at Christmas, has called on ministers to stop the policy, which is being challenged in the High Court by three people affected by […]

Rough sleepers face intolerable levels of abuse by public, study finds

Eight out of 10 rough sleepers reported being victims of a range of crimes and antisocial behaviours, from vandalism and intimidation to being hit, kicked, threatened or urinated on.   The study by the homelessness charity Crisis found that street sleepers were almost 17 times more likely than the average person to have been a […]

Crisis At Christmas Details 23-29 December

This is vital information to share with those in need over Christmas. Crisis centres will be open across the UK from the 23 December to 29th December in 2016. Please share this information widely This can save someones life Crisis Christmas day centres are safe, warm and lively places run by caring and friendly volunteers. […]

I was homeless but denied help. No one should be turned away

Care worker tells of his two weeks sleeping rough after a council refused help and why he backs the homelessness reduction bill Homeless at 47 after suffering depression, care worker Lee Foxall was told he was ‘non-priority’. On Friday, the homelessness reduction bill comes before parliament for its second reading. The private members’ bill presented […]

Government backs new law to prevent people becoming homeless

Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, has announced the Government will support reforms to England’s anti-homelessness laws and strengthen councils’ duties to stop people ending up on the streets. A total of 15,170 households were classed as homeless in the three months to June 2016 PA   If the private member’s bill – put forward by […]

Northampton Tory run council report claims sleeping rough is simply a ‘lifestyle choice’

 People are choosing to sleep rough as a “lifestyle choice”, a council report has claimed. Mike Hallett has been homeless in Northampton for two years after he was unable to pay bills connected to his accommodation An investigation by Northampton Borough Council discovered 21 homeless people in the town, including “a significant proportion of European […]

Number of people sleeping rough on London night buses rises by 20 per cent

Rough sleeping on London’s night buses has soared by more than 20 per cent over the past four years, according to an internal report from Transport for London. Passengers on the top deck of a London night bus Alexander Baxevanis/Flickr/Creative Commons licence CC BY 2.0   The report has exposed the shocking extent of the problem […]

Welsh law proves that early support prevents homelessness

Very impressive results in Wales are fueling calls for England to adopt a homelessness prevention law that obliges councils to help people in housing crisis A recent March with the Homeless in London 15th April highlighting homeless deaths A list of landlords’ phone numbers would have been the only support Alice Rivers could have expected from her local […]

UK ‘Breaching Human Rights’ Over Housing

The UK is in breach of its international human rights duties by failing to provide people with adequate homes in the face of a severe housing crisis, leading charities have claimed. A reduction in social housing in England and inadequate, unaffordable rental accommodation in the private sector is driving a growing number of families into […]

#WHD15: The UK Is Outlawing Homelessness….

The number of people arrested for begging in London has doubled in recent years, alongside increases in the numbers of people sleeping on the streets. Yet new legislation to criminalise aspects of homelessness targets the symptoms, not the issues fueling them. On World Homeless (Action) Day, October 10th, across the globe, thousands and thousands of people […]