Food bank

Jacob Rees-Mogg says rise in food bank use is ‘rather uplifting’

Multi-millionare Tory MP says development shows UK to be a ‘charitable’ nation as the state “can’t do everything” ‘   ‘ Conservative leadership favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg has said the growing use of food banks in the UK is “rather uplifting”. The Tory MP insisted that rather than demonstrating the scale of poverty in the country, the development showed what a “good compassionate country we are.” […]

Almost 3000 charged with stealing food in London as expert warns ‘hungry people are criminalised’

  The majority of cases pertain to the hungry and homeless taking waste food from supermarket bins.   More than 2,800 people in London were charged with stealing food in London last year.  Thousands of people were charged with stealing food in London last year in what a food bank expert has warned is a “criminalisation […]

Britain’s new wave of militant grocers

So much food goes into landfill while many families go hungry. Sarah Butler meets the shopkeepers fighting waste Retail crusaders: Nathan and Bethany Richards of Niftie’s in Dover. Photograph: Richard Saker for the Observer A steady stream of shoppers are filling their baskets with biscuits, fizzy pop, risotto rice and tins of tomatoes at Niftie’s grocery […]

Britain is now one of the most unequal countries in the world

We are now one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. According to analysis by Oxfam, the richest 1% in this country now owns more than 20 times the total wealth of the poorest fifth. The charity suggested this incredible inequality in UK society contributed to the vote to leave the EU in […]

Breadline Britain: 20MILLION now living in poverty as landmark study reveals how tax system creates inequality

Twenty million people in the UK are living in poverty according to a study in which shocking levels of deprivation are highlighted. The shameful situation is exposed in an explosive book, Breadline Britain. It reveals that poverty has doubled since 1983 – and is set to get worse over the next five years. The study authors, economist […]

Malnutrition and ‘Victorian’ diseases soar today in England ‘due to food poverty and cuts’

Cases of malnutrition and other “Victorian” diseases are soaring in England, in what campaigners said was a result of cuts to social services and rising food poverty. NHS statistics show that 7,366 people were admitted to hospital with a primary or secondary diagnosis of malnutrition between August 2014 and July this year, compared with 4,883 […]

Angry protesters chase Scotland’s only Tory MP out of town after he turned up to open a Food Bank.

ANGRY protestors chased Scotland’s only Conservative MP out of town after he turned up to open a food bank. Protestors shouted “Shame on you” and screamed at Scottish Secretary David Mundell after he sneaked out the back door of the Trussell Trust-operated facility in the Dumfries and Galloway town.  David Mundell food bank visit ‘ They surrounded the white Ford […]

DWP minister callously insists “There is no evidence that directly links sanctions and food bank use.”

There is no evidence linking soaring food bank use to the DWP’s strict regime of benefit sanctions, a Government minister has claimed. Priti Patel, an employment minister at the Department for Work and Pensions, told MPs that she did not accept claims by researchers that abruptly stopping someone’s income could cause them to seek emergency food aid. […]

London Soup Run Forum Meeting: Monday 12th January @6pm

Our next Soup Run Forum  is, Monday 12th January,  6pm,  at The Connection at St Martins. Do come and support this meeting that is open to all involved in Food runs across London and those concerned with homelessness. Let us know your views about future meetings for 2015. We look forward to seeing you all,  tea […]

Real Junk Food Project: The Leeds cafe that has fed 10,000 people, using 20 tonnes of unwanted food – and started a worldwide movement

The founder of a quietly-growing empire of social cafes has called on a change in the law to prevent the UK’s “criminal” levels of food waste – especially by supermarkets – while so many go hungry. Adam Smith, founder of The Real Junk Food Project, in Armley, Leeds, feeds his punters on goods that would […]