Homeless children

Nearly 130,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas as child homelessness reaches 10-year high

Nearly 130,000 children in Britain will wake up homeless and in temporary accommodation this Christmas as child homelessness reaches a 10-year high, new research shows.   The number of youngsters who will be spending the festive period in temporary accommodation such as B&Bs and hostels – often with a single room for the whole family […]

This is what it is like to be 11 years old and homeless

‘At Christmas time, I didn’t want to be in this world’ Sam with his terminally ill father. . In the temporary accommodation block for the homeless, 11-year-old Sam* tells you about life in a flat so cramped that he, his brother, sister, mum and dad can’t all sit in the living room at the same time, or eat […]

Family homelessness rises ‘dramatically’ in London

  Family homelessness is rising in London at a faster rate than across the rest of the country and overstretched councils are ‘struggling’ to provide them with temporary accommodation, new research reveals. Carried out by the advisory services organisation EY and London Councils, the research found the number of families accepted as homeless has increased […]

Housing is a women’s issue: The facts

The UK housing crisis has hit women harder than men, as they earn less money and cuts have hit homeless and domestic abuse services Charities working with rough sleepers say women are more likely to be ‘hidden homeless’. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo‘ No matter where you live, or how you pay for your home, from […]

Shelter: Two families in London are made homeless EVERY hour.

Two families in London are made homeless every hour, a leading homeless charity claimed today.   Homeless: London families are at risk of losing their homes AP   Shelter predicted that 1,260 families in the capital will lose their home in the next month and 7,370 over the next six months – the equivalent of a household […]

Domestic abuse is the single most common cause of homelessness in Liverpool

One in four of Liverpool’s homeless have nowhere to live because they are victims of domestic abuse. According to a council-led review of homelessness in Liverpool some 12,000 domestic abuse-related calls are made each year and the numbers are rising. Domestic abuse is six times the national average in North Liverpool and around double the […]

NHS launches drive to help homeless after patients wrongly turned away from surgeries

The NHS is launching a drive to improve access for homeless people to healthcare, after admitting some staff were wrongly turning them away from seeing GPs. A lot of surgeries have been wrongly stopping homeless people registering at GPs surgeries because they have no proof of address or ID, even though NHS guidelines are the […]

London’s homeless numbers continue to rise dramatically to 170,000

Shelter calculates that 170,000 people are homeless in London today Lewisham’s pop-up village for homeless people. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian London dominates estimates of national homelessness newly published by Shelter. This, of course, is no surprise. Neither are high levels of homelessness anything new in the capital. In his book London: The Heartless City, […]

Government backs new law to prevent people becoming homeless

Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, has announced the Government will support reforms to England’s anti-homelessness laws and strengthen councils’ duties to stop people ending up on the streets. A total of 15,170 households were classed as homeless in the three months to June 2016 PA   If the private member’s bill – put forward by […]

Facebook sensation Brooke Blair, 5, meets homeless

 A five-year-old girl who became an internet sensation when she urged Theresa May to tackle homelessness has met a charity that helps people on the streets.   Brooke told one homeless man she was “very sad” after witnessing the homeless problem in her home city of Coventry Brooke Blair’s video of her ticking off the […]