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Charities at odds over deportations of homeless eastern Europeans.

Two of Britain’s best known homelessness charities are at odds over the government rounding up and deporting rough sleepers from eastern Europe. Crisis, which is famed for its support for rough sleepers at Christmas, has called on ministers to stop the policy, which is being challenged in the High Court by three people affected by […]

Jacob Rees-Mogg says rise in food bank use is ‘rather uplifting’

Multi-millionare Tory MP says development shows UK to be a ‘charitable’ nation as the state “can’t do everything” ‘   ‘ Conservative leadership favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg has said the growing use of food banks in the UK is “rather uplifting”. The Tory MP insisted that rather than demonstrating the scale of poverty in the country, the development showed what a “good compassionate country we are.” […]

Council cruelly ‘strongly advise’ public not to donate food or money to those at ‘Camp Groves’

Wrexham Council have ‘strongly advised’ that members of the public do not donate food and money to those currently based on the Groves homeless camp site – instead encouraging people to donate directly to charities or organisations offering services instead.   The request to the public has been made by the local authority in a […]

Home Office secretly using charity data map to deport rough sleepers

Charities say data collected to help charities identify vulnerable individuals was used against them by the Home Office.   The Home Office secretly acquired sensitive data, showing the nationality of people sleeping rough on the streets, in order to remove them from Britain. .  Stenciled outside one of St. Mungo’s London offices A chain of emails […]

UK family found guilty of enslaving homeless and disabled people

Lincolnshire gang forced at least 18 victims to work for little or no pay and live in squalor for up to 26 years  Convicted gang members (top row, L-R): Bridget Rooney, Gerald Rooney, John Rooney, 53, John Rooney, 31, Lawrence Rooney, Martin Rooney, 35,(bottom row, L-R): Martin Rooney Sr, Martin Rooney, 23 Patrick Rooney, 54, […]

Westminster Council to move homeless people out of London.

Homeless people will be shifted from the borough and relocated to places elsewhere in the UK – likely the home counties – from January 30. The Council is moving homeless people out of London to combat the high cost of temporary housing.   The council has argued it will enable people to “put down local roots”, despite many of them […]

Rough sleepers face intolerable levels of abuse by public, study finds

Eight out of 10 rough sleepers reported being victims of a range of crimes and antisocial behaviours, from vandalism and intimidation to being hit, kicked, threatened or urinated on.   The study by the homelessness charity Crisis found that street sleepers were almost 17 times more likely than the average person to have been a […]

UK Salvation Army chief defends ban on gay members

The UK’s Salvation Army chief has admitted the organisation still bans gay people from serving as members. Commissioner Clive Adams defended the ban on gays The international Christian organisation has long come under criticism for its approach to LGBT people – with internal policies actively banning gay people from serving as officers, unless they remain celibate. The […]

I was homeless but denied help. No one should be turned away

Care worker tells of his two weeks sleeping rough after a council refused help and why he backs the homelessness reduction bill Homeless at 47 after suffering depression, care worker Lee Foxall was told he was ‘non-priority’. On Friday, the homelessness reduction bill comes before parliament for its second reading. The private members’ bill presented […]

Fining homeless people for being homeless is cruel and unworkable

One in 10 councils are using their powers to criminalise rough sleepers – let’s hope public anger can translate into pressure to end homelessness, for good. Rushcliffe borough council in Nottinghamshire has introduced spot fines for extreme cases of anti-social behaviour under the public space protection order (PSPO) powers given to councils by the Anti-social […]