Drug deaths hit record high in England and Wales, new statistics show

ONS says 3,744 people were killed by drug poisoning in 2016, amid warnings over danger of former ‘legal highs’ and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl . The ONS said a record of 371 people died after taking cocaine in 2016 PA. A record number of drug-related deaths has been recorded in England and Wales as the number of […]

Legal high ban predicted to exacerbate the crisis on our streets

The outlawing of legal highs risks create a new crisis on the streets, experts and users have warned. Users warn withdrawal from drugs may lead to violence while experts say black-market dealers will cause greater harm Many users of the drugs, novel psychoactive substances (NPSs), are young and homeless and they say that withdrawing makes […]

Plague of cheap ‘spice’ strengthens its grip on the homeless in northern towns

Spice, the street name for synthetic cannabis, has ravaged homeless communities in some of the UK’s most deprived regions, particularly the north of England and south Wales. On a grey November day when dark clouds are rolling in from the Irish Sea, even its famous illuminations struggle to dispel the gloom encircling Blackpool. Five of its […]