Becoming a volunteer with our Streets Kitchens is not only about giving some hot food and drinks, it is really much more than this.

You will need to be able to listen, sometimes to a very sad and upsetting story.

You will need to be able to give help to someone who has a history, which may be a history of some crime or perhaps who has severe addiction issues.

You need to understand that everyone has a history, some may be quite bad some not so much, it is essential that you can talk, listen and be non judgmental.

You will need to deal with people who are at the very end of their tether, who may be suicidal, who may be angry at the system and try to take their frustration out on you.

Patience and strong willpower is essential.

You need to understand that when people decide to tell you their story what they are doing is placing a lot of trust in you and hope that you can keep it confidential.

Everyone who comes along are people just like you and I, they deserve the same respect that you yourself would expect. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect no matter how hard it may be.

Most of all, just being able to listen and smile can make someone’s day.

As a volunteer you may be required to liaise with other agencies in order to help someone, this in itself can be a frustrating duty as you try to find the correct agency and then try to get that agency to help.

What we ask is that you treat everyone with dignity, respect and as human beings.

If you are interested in volunteering at a Streets Kitchen in your area please mail us at streetskitchenvolunteering@gmail.com telling us some basic details and where you are located.

Due to the nature of our ‘work’ directly on the streets all volunteers must be over 18


Streets Kitchen works in partnership with many grass-root groups across the UK and beyond..

We receive no funding and rely on your support to continue to develop Street Kitchens across the UK and provide vital information for our streets.