World Homeless (Action) Day 10-10-16


World Homeless (Action) Day (WHAD) is a worldwide collaborative effort that is held on October 10th every year…..

What should or could be done on this day? The day is there for you and your community to use, as you see fit, to create change and make a difference in the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness in your local area.

World Homeless Action Day 10-10 Facebook Group

World Homeless Action Day 10-10 Facebook Group

International days, weeks or months devoted to focusing attention on an issue or group of people in need can be very powerful opportunities in terms of fundraising, awareness-raising, and garnering significant political power.

There is no prescriptive call to action such as everyone lighting a candle or marching. WHAD is a gift to the homeless sector and everyone in it to use in any way they want locally, providing the opportunity to point to something larger internationally and draw strength from that.

World Homeless (Action) Day was founded in 2010 by Jon Glackin whilst he was living in Ireland, recognising that there was no global day to raise awareness of homelessness internationally in existence. Quickly a core group of people from across the Planet came together to make this day a reality. The day is now recognised in almost every country in the world. To date millions of pounds have been raised by local and international groups to continue their work by using the day to raise awareness and assist their streets.

The main ‘themes’ this year across the globe is jointly recognising the growing criminalisation of homeless people simply for being homeless and to promote the ‘Housing First’ model which has been proven time and time again to work.

Canadian memorial erected 10-10-13

Canadian memorial erected 10-10-13




whad sf

San Francisco 10-10-10

If you are part of a grassroots campaign, charity or indeed an unaligned individual consider taking advantage of this concept to gain connections with members of your community that you don’t have already. For example, WHAD is the perfect opportunity to contact a local school, church or service provider. Contact them, offer guest speaking opportunities, and suggest partnering to raise money. Politicians can be encouraged to release new funds or proposals on the day or to acknowledge the good work already being done by people and organisations in their city or state.

In some countries, 10/10 is used as a benchmark day each year to note progress. To date, current and formerly homeless people have done more than anyone else housed or working in the sector to promote WHAD and encourage charities to become involved. WHAD could be…[insert your idea]… if you make it happen…….


What you can do today to prepare for 10/10/15:

• If you are a service provider and attend meetings with other service providers, put discussion of World Homeless Action Day on the agenda.
• If you need support in planning the day or want to collaborate with others involved, leave a comment, mail us or join our facebook group

Homelessness does not describe a type of person, but a housing situation. It’s a state – not a trait!


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World Homeless Action Day 10-10 Facebook Group

World Homeless Action Day 10-10 Facebook Group